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So far, there is still only one band to successfully fuse rock with jazz. That's right...Steely Dan. By successful we mean over 30 million in record sales worldwide. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are the dynamic duo of this song writing super-group. Their classic albums are a sonic homage to the best of the 70's; capturing the vibe, feel, and soul of a more creative time. Their formula was simple: write a great song, get the best studio musicians ready to lay down the most awesome riffs ever created, record the tune in a "paramount" studio, press the album, get FM air-play out the wazoo, then sell a boat-load of records. They made it look easy. We continue to love Steely Dan and FM.

Steely Dan is currently on tour in support of their 35-plus year recording sojourn. Excetylene celebrates their journey.

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